About C.O.R.E.
  2-Phys. & Chem. Prop.
  3-Atomic Structure Pt.1
  5-Moles, Molarity,
      Reaction Types
  7-Gas Laws
  8-Atomic Structure Pt.2
  9-Bonding & Geometry
  10-Intermolecular Forces
  12-Colligative Properties
  14-Gas Phase, Solubility,
        Complex Ion Equilibria
  16-Acid-Base Equilibria

Chapter One - Introduction
Animations and Documents
Volume Unit Conversions
This animation visually compares the relationship between a cubic meter, cubic decimeter, cubic centimeter, and cubic milllimeter.

CuCl2 and Iron Nail Lab Document
This is the document for the reaction of CuCl2 and an iron nail lab.
Significant Figures
This video introduces the concept of significant figures in measurements.

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Introduction Chapter 1
This video is the introduction to Chapter 1 of the web course.

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CuCl2 and Iron Nail Lab Part 1
This video shows the setup of the long term reaction of CuCl2 and an iron nail. (Document)

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