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  2-Phys. & Chem. Prop.
  3-Atomic Structure Pt.1
  5-Moles, Molarity,
      Reaction Types
  7-Gas Laws
  8-Atomic Structure Pt.2
  9-Bonding & Geometry
  10-Intermolecular Forces
  12-Colligative Properties
  14-Gas Phase, Solubility,
        Complex Ion Equilibria
  16-Acid-Base Equilibria

Chapter Four - Nuclear
Animations and Documents
Fission Chain Reaction
This animation shows the neutron induced fission chain reaction for the uranium-235 isotope.

Geiger Counter Tube
This animation shows the components and operation of a Geiger counter tube as it counts radioactive particles.

Nuclear Reactor
This animation shows the components of a typical water cooled fission nuclear reactor.

Penny Decay Lab Document
This is the document for the penny decay lab.
Introduction Chapter 4
This video is the introduction to Chapter 4 of the web course.

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  Cloud Chamber
This video shows the tracks of alpha particles produced by the decay of polonium.

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Penny Decay Lab
This video shows simulation of the first order kinetics of radioactive decay using pennies. (Document)

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