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  2-Phys. & Chem. Prop.
  3-Atomic Structure Pt.1
  5-Moles, Molarity,
      Reaction Types
  7-Gas Laws
  8-Atomic Structure Pt.2
  9-Bonding & Geometry
  10-Intermolecular Forces
  12-Colligative Properties
  14-Gas Phase, Solubility,
        Complex Ion Equilibria
  16-Acid-Base Equilibria

Chapter Three - Atomic Structure, Part One
Animations and Documents
Canal Ray tube
This animation shows the formation cathode rays (electrons) and canal rays (protons) produced by hitting hydrogen atoms with high energy electrons in a vacuum tube.

Millikan Oil Drop
This animation provides an interactive virtual experiment of the Millikan Oil Drop experiment.

Combining Volumes H2 and O2
This animation demonstrates the ratio of the combining volumes of hydrogen and oxygen gas to form water.
Introduction Chapter 3
This video is the introduction to Chapter 3 of the web course.

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  Tennis Ball Isotopes
This video shows the concept of isotopes using tennis balls filled with different amounts of water.

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Cathode Ray Tube
This video shows the operation of a cathode ray tube and the deflection of the beam of electrons with a magnet.
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