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  2-Phys. & Chem. Prop.
  3-Atomic Structure Pt.1
  5-Moles, Molarity,
      Reaction Types
  7-Gas Laws
  8-Atomic Structure Pt.2
  9-Bonding & Geometry
  10-Intermolecular Forces
  12-Colligative Properties
  14-Gas Phase, Solubility,
        Complex Ion Equilibria
  16-Acid-Base Equilibria

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Chapter Seven - Gas Laws
Introduction Chapter 7
This video is the introduction to Chapter 7 of the web course.

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  Atmospheric Pressure Small Can
This video shows the effects of atmospheric pressure on a can filled with water vapor.

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Balloon Equilibrium
This video shows the change in size of two different balloons connected to each other as they reach equilibrium.

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  Mercury Barometer
This video shows the construction of mercury barometers with different diameter tubes.

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Breaking Stick
This video shows the breaking of a stick using atmospheric pressure to hold down a piece of newspaper.

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  Bromine Tubes
This video shows the difference in diffusion rate and mean free path as bromine vapor condenses in one tube at atmospheric pressure and another tube at reduced pressure.

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Charles Law Balloon
This video shows the relationship between volume and temperature as a balloon is cooled in liquid nitrogen.

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  Condensing O2
This video shows the condensing of liquid O2 using liquid N2.

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Atmospheric Pressure Large Can
This video shows the crushing of a 20 L can by atmospheric pressure.

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Crush Can
This video shows the crushing of a soda can by atmospheric pressure.

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This video demonstrates the distribution of kinetic energy in water.

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  Density of CO2
This video shows bubbles floating on carbon dioxide.

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Diffusion of H2
This video shows the diffusion of H2 gas through a porous porcelain cylinder.

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  Diffusion of NH3 and HCl
This video shows the relative rates of diffusion of NH3 and HCl gas.

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