About C.O.R.E.
  2-Phys. & Chem. Prop.
  3-Atomic Structure Pt.1
  5-Moles, Molarity,
      Reaction Types
  7-Gas Laws
  8-Atomic Structure Pt.2
  9-Bonding & Geometry
  10-Intermolecular Forces
  12-Colligative Properties
  14-Gas Phase, Solubility,
        Complex Ion Equilibria
  16-Acid-Base Equilibria

The NCSSM Chemistry Department welcomes you to C.O.R.E.

Chemistry Online Resource Essentials
provides access to animations, demonstration videos, lab videos and lab documents taken from an online AP Chemistry course developed by NCSSM chemistry instructors Dr. Myra Halpin and Chuck Roser. CORE provides all the supporting resource materials from this course, but without the course instruction documents themselves.

These materials are available to NCSSM students and instructors, and may be used by the general educational community worldwide for classroom support. All materials are copyright ©NCSSM, and are subject to this Creative Commons License.

Another source for all animations and still images from this AP Chemistry course is the NCSSM Distance Education and Extended Programs T.I.G.E.R. web site (Teacher's Instructional Graphics Educational Resource). TIGER also contains animations and other graphics from mathematics, physics and other courses.