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Application of the right-hand-rule for magnetic force

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Post Secondary
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This animation shows the application of the right-hand-rule (RHR) for the magnetic force (F) on a current (I) in a magnetic field (B). A wire carrying conventional current passes through a magnetic field perpendicular to the field lines. In order to apply the RHR, extend the fingers of the right hand in the direction of the current in such a way that when you bend your fingers, they point in the direction of the magnetic field. Your extended thumb then points in the direction of the magnetic force on the current. Note that this same rule applies to the force on a positively-charged particle if instead of a current in a wire, the particle were traveling in the same direction as the current in the animation. If the particle is negative, the direction of the force would be the opposite of that indicated. 

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Electric Current
Magnetic Field
Magnetic Forces
Right-hand-rule (RHR)

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